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We rebuild all American V8 engines, built to the highest standard, the same care is applied if the engine is for a ‘grocery getter’ or a drag race Comp’ Altered, we love them all and give them all the same care and attention to detail.

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Engines rebuilt for:


Short motors and long motors for Chevrolet in can be tailored to your specific requirements.

A short motor consists of, a seasoned Chevrolet block fitted with crankshaft, resized conrods with new rod bolts, hypereutectic or forged pistons, camshaft, roller timing set, high volume oil pump and hardened drive shaft.
The block will have been machined which will consist of; rebore, decks refaced as necessary, casting flash removed, oil returns opened up, final hot tank then painted and fitted with new Clevite heavy duty cam bearings, brass freeze plugs and new oil gallery plugs.

A long motor is as above but fitted with an oil pan, timing cover and cylinder heads, either iron GM or aftermarket aluminium, your choice.

We can also supply all of the parts required to make it a ‘turnkey’ motor such as distributor, intake, plugs, leads, damper, flexplate or flywheel, carburettor and water pump.

Engines for Automotive, Marine, Generators and Winches, if it has an American engine, we can rebuild it for you.

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