Classic American cars


All our engines are built from scratch using the best components available, matched to your particular use and specification.

The engine blocks we use are carefully inspected seasoned blocks, cleaned and crack tested. If we are not 100% satisfied with any block or parts we will not use them.

Most of our customers have a good idea of what they want. We do not build engines to put ‘on the shelf’ for sale, they would never be exactly what the customer requires. That is why we only build to order.

If you have an old unit to exchange we could offer a discount off the price of your finished engine.

If you prefer, we can rebuild your old unit, either to the original standard as it came from the factory or something with more horsepower and torque and don’t forget ‘there’s no substitute for cubic inches’, make more power and cubic inches with a stroker!

Rebuilding your original engine may be of particular interest if you are lucky enough to have a matching numbers car and want to keep it that way.

If you would like your own old unit rebuilt, the cost will be dependant on it’s condition. A firm rebuild quote can only be given after the old unit is stripped, cleaned and inspected so we can ascertain which parts we can use.

A detailed engine build sheet and photographs taken during the build are supplied with every engine.

Paint finish is your choice, we recommend ‘POR 15’ an American engine paint and metal preparation as it has superior pigmentation and is very durable, but we can cater for most paint finishes.

A 50% deposit is required prior to start of any engine build, with full payment to be cleared prior to the release of the item.

Please e-mail or telephone to discuss your requirements. Only then can we put a quote and time frame together.