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This beautifull 1971 Riviera came to us with a knocking engine coupled with oil pressure problems, the only thing to do is pull the big 455ci Buick motor out and strip it down.

So the engine came out easily enough, onto an engine stand and let the stripping begin! We carefully inspect parts before removing, checking for fit and clearance as necessary.

Along with a multitude of small problems with this engine we did find a spun bearing on number 8 conrod.

Check the rod to see if it can be saved and grind the crank are amongst the first things to see to.

Watch here for more details as the work continues…….

As you can see the work goes on and at last we are in a position to start the rebuild.

Rebuild has been carried out and the engine is back in the car, connect all the usual parts and then just a few jobs to do before fireing up the 455ci.

Transmission cooler lines for the Turbo Hydramatic 400 have been renewed with the correct hose, resistant to hot oil and the pressure in the line. Transmission pan has been cleaned inside and out and a coat of black paint on the exterior helps keep things clean, a new filter and fresh ATF fluid finish it off.

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