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We received a call from a customer to pop along and listen to the new noises his Ford 302 V8 engine was making, the engine had been rebuilt some time ago by another local company, it had only covered around 1000 miles but it wasn’t performing well.

On listening to the engine it was obvious that the cam and lifters were wearing quickly, the only course of action was to remove the engine and strip it for inspection and evaluation.

With the engine stripped we could see the obvious wear on the cam lobes and the lifter base circle’s, there was also a lot of bore to piston clearance, to much for a fresh engine.

There were what appeared to be some nice parts in the engine but as usual first sight doesn’t tell you the whole story.

The engine was stripped to the last nut, bolt and oil gallery plug and then rebored to the new forged pistons, decks were faced, crank ground, heads stripped and crack tested along with the block.

Stock and original FORD 2MA CRANKSHAFT with CROWER con rods, con rods were crack tested and checked for alignment and fitted with new rod bolts then resized, one rod needed a little more work than the others. All of the reciprocating parts were balanced.

Just some of the new parts we are using on this 302ci Ford V8 rebuild.

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