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But we have another to build if you need a great 454ci big block Chevrolet !

Probuild American are pleased to offer this Big Block Chevrolet 454, built and ready.

Available as turnkey as you want it.

Built to an awesome street specification.

Can be supplied with the intake, carburettor and distributor of your choice!

454ci Chevrolet big block V8, rebored +030″ (460ci), decked, forged pistons, crank ground, rods fitted with new rod bolts and then resized, new Clevite 77 heavy duty cam bearings, roller timing set, Melling high volume oil pump, new pickup, brass freeze plugs.

Block stripped, hot tanked, casting flash removed, finished in Chevy Orange. Oval port heads.

To get a little extra oiling to the timing chain we have drilled a 3/32″ hole in the front oil gallery plug, this gives a constant supply of fresh oil to the roller timing set, this gives it a much longer life and less stretch, chain stretch also will alter the timing.

We have also fitted a Moroso camshaft ‘bumper’ to limit the fore and aft movement of the cam which also alters the cam timing and produces extra wear on components.

Camshaft fitted is an Edelbrock Performer Plus which gives great power from idle to 5,500rpm.

Camshaft spec’s are; Duration @ .050″ lift = In 218, Ex 228. Valve lift = In 502″, Ex .501″, Lobe seperation 114

GM oval port heads are away having the valves and seats checked, they will be cut and ground as necessary and the heads will be refaced to ensure a great surface for the head gasket to seal against, always good when the block and heads have been refaced.

Oil pan will be a new chrome unit, timing cover is the original GM steel item with a fresh coat of Chevy orange after being grit blasted to clean and prepare the surface.

Big 454ci is coming along nicely now.

Pistons and rods in, Pistons are TRW forged items, +030″ (460ci), Grant rings, Melling hi-volume oil pump primed and fitted, new oil pump pickup and screen, Moroso hardened oil pump drive shaft with pinned steel collar.

Stock GM timing cover and aftermarket chrome oil pan fitted using hex head stainless bolts.

New 8″ Pro Street damper/harmonic balancer fitted.

GM iron oval port heads on next then an aluminium intake and a HOLLEY 780cfm 4 barrel carburettor.

Intake will be either an EDELBROCK Performer dual plane or an aluminium single plane model.

Pro Comp HEI distributor or a Mallory electronic with Accel wires.

New short water pump has been prepped and primed then finished with a coat or two of POR15 Chevy Orange paint. Chevrolet pulleys come in two bolt patterns, the boss on this water pump is drilled for both patterns.

GM iron heads are fitted, 133cc chambers are reduced slightly to 110cc as they have been refaced, valve sizes are 2.07″ intake and 1.72 exhaust. They have been lightly ported just to clean the up the port runners. New Edelbrock valve springs fitted and new stem seals.

Valve covers are only laid on for now, So Cal Speed Shop chrome steel items or we have a pair of aluminium WEIAND ribbed available.

Intake laid on is a Holley Street Dominator single plane with a Holley 3310 780cfm 4 barrel, rebuilt by us, engine will probably be run up and tested with this combination.

Holley intake is bolted on now as are the WEIAND aluminium valve covers, detailed with a little Chevy Orange POR15 paint.

WEIAND valve covers came out really well after a few coats of two pack clear lacquer, beautiful. Fitted with new Felpro rubber valve cover gaskets and polished allen head bolts.

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