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We were recently commissioned to rebuild a 283 small block Chevrolet for an early Devin to be bolted up to a 4 speed Muncie transmission.

Unfortunately after a quick inspection we could see the original block was frost damaged/cracked both sides and was beyond economic repair, we had several others in stock so that didn’t present a problem for us.

The main instruction from the owner was to keep it as period to the early 60’s as possible and if possible fit triple carburettors with three separate air filters just as it had back in it’s racing days.

We had a complete 283 which we stripped and assessed, it was in good condition and we decided it would fit the bill perfectly.

It was stripped down to the last nut, bolt and oil gallery plug, cleaned and hot tanked the block was rebored, decks refaced, casting flash removed inside and out and the lifter valley and timing area painted with Glyptol to aid oil flow back to the pan.

The crankshaft was reground, con rods were fitted with ARP bolts and resized then the entire reciprocating assembly was balanced. The reciprocating assembly comprises of the crankshaft, con rods, pistons, flywheel, damper, lower timing gear and crank pulley, to balance the assembly correctly you need one set of piston rings, one con rod set of bearings and make an allowance for engine oil, we also balanced the clutch cover to match our assembly.

Our donor 283 was fitted with ‘Power Pack’ heads which we didn’t use, instead we used a pair of ‘Double Hump’ heads which we refaced and refurbished with 1.94″ intake valves and 1.6″ exhaust valves, chambers were cc’d and matched to 62cc. New hardened seats were fitted and the bowls were reworked to blend them into a smoother shape with a mild port clean up. Valve guide inserts were fitted and the guide tops were cut to accept Comp Cams positive stop stem seals. Comp Cams valve springs were used once the installed height and open and closed pressures set, Crower retainers and locks were used. Comp Cams screw in rocker studs and roller tip rockers were also used along with a set of their Magnum hardened push rods.

Triple Rochester 2GC carburettors were rebuilt and set up on an original Offenhauser aluminium intake with a throttle linkage which can be set as a progressive or as a solid application bringing all three carb’s in at once.. Fuel lines were all hand fabricated.

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