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We get all types of carburettor in for a little R & R, that is rebuild and repair. Unfortunately many of the carbs we are asked to rebuild only come to us after the owner or his friend/best mate has had a try at his own repair or modification. Quite often it takes longer to put their quick fixes right than it does to strip, clean, reset and generally refurbish the carburettor.
We refurbish Holley, Edelbrock, Rochester, Carter and Barry Grant carburettors.
Holley 2 and 4 barrel carb’s
All Rochester 2 and 4 barrel carb’s including 2G, 2GC, 2GV etc and Quadrajets.
Carter 2 and 4 barrels including AFB etc catered for.
Marine Carburettors rebuilt and set up.
Post your carburettor to us, we will strip it and do what ever is necessary to make it well again and then we send it back to you, turn round time on this is usually one week.
We only use Genuine rebuild parts unless they are obsolete or unavailable.
Pay by cheque, BACS, PayPal, cash or postal orders.

If you email us through the Website don’t forget to include your email address.

The pair of Holleys below have been ‘modified’ for use with a tunnel ram intake, they are in fact 600cfm vacuum secondry List 1850 carb’s which have had the vacuum diaphragm section removed and plugged, screws and nuts have been inserted to make the secondrys work like a double pumper! It’s never going to work like that. I hate to think what might happen if the linkage locks up. Just for good measure the choke horns have been milled off. Then it has been given a nice coat of paint. Bought off Ebay from the USA, beware of bargains!

This 1850 Holley has seen service in a boat on top of a Roller 305ci Small Block Chevrolet. This particular carb is an automotive carb and not Marine but as the owner said, it works so why change it! It looks to be in poor shape but there is no reason to suspect it is unserviceable. Always remember if you buy parts that have been used in the Marine world they have usually been abused as generally they are either at idle or W.O.T (wide open throttle). It’s a hard life in the marine environment.

This List 6709 Holley 750cfm Double Pumper came off a 455ci Pontiac. After a rebuild it will soon be back in place on top of a Trans AM 455SD motor. It came off a ‘barn find’ 455 engine which had completely seized internals but has supplied many good useable parts.

A Holley 3310 which has been modified by it’s owner I think, he denies all knowledge of ever making up those ‘reverse’ booster pipes !
The quick release float bowl aluminium nuts are a MR GASKET item from many years ago, still looking good though. Despite the carburettors obvious age and the modifications carried out over the years this carb is in very good shape and has been well looked after.

Another 3310 in for rebuild, the Holley 3310 750cfm vacuum secondry square bore has been around for a very long time yet it is still a much used carburettor, loved by street and drag racers alike. If it’s a cheap carb you want which will give good service and is easy to maintain you have to think Holley.

This one is clamped in our carb fixture, to service any of these carburettors you need to hold the carb still and have both hands free to work on it, there’s nothing worse than trying to hold a carb with one hand and undo a nut or screw with the other. You end up chasing the carb around the bench and all that does is lead to damage to the carb or to you ! With our carb servicing fixtures carburettors can be completely dismantled leaving just the base plate bolted down and giving access to all parts for stripping.

If you have a carburettor you would like refurbished or have any questions concerning carburettors, engines or transmissions please give us a call or email us through our Contact us on this website.

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