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This HOLLEY Marine carburettor has had a hard life, suffering from corrosion inside and out it’s going to need a long soak in the carb’ treatment fluid to get this baby clean.

The carb’ has probably been standing around without fuel in it for a long while, the gaskets are the old style material and the inside is full of white powder, the aluminium is oxodising and corroding away, all of the air holes and fuel orrifices are blocked, dismantle, clean with compressed air and then soak in strong cleaning fluid is just the start of the refurbishment of this HOLLEY 80551 650cfm vacuum secondry unit.

One ‘J’ tube is crushed and will need replacing, not as easy as it sounds!

After a bit of a struggle the damaged ‘J’ tube was removed and a new one fitted.
Carb’ has been completely stripped, cleaned and some changes made, different float bowls have been utilised which will allow external float height changes, the original chambers you have to adjust the float level by removing the float bowl and bending the float ‘tang’.
It took a long soak and plenty of compressed air to get the emulsifier tubes clean and free of debris but we got there in the end.

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