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This Rochester came in for a rebuild as the Pontiac 389 in Andy’s 1960 Catalina wasn’t running to well.

The tag on the carb’ is the right tag for this engine but the wrong one for the carburettor, this is a small bore carb’ and should be a large bore.

We stripped the carb’ and treated it to a day in the cleaning solution, when it came out we washed it down and it doesn’t look to be in bad condition.

Some of the choke mechanism is missing and the base bolt pattern has been modified but the biggest problem was that someone had forced a steel ball into the well of the accelerator pump, it should have a small aluminium ball to regulate the flow of fuel. Even with 90 psi of compressed air under it the ball wasn’t budging, in the end we drilled a 30 thou hole in the bottom of the well and forced the ball out with a piece of wire and compressed air. We then lead soldered the hole and checked for leaks.

The choke is now manual operation. The choke flap was removed and modified to fit the carb neck to give it a smooth operation.

After close inspection of all parts and a slight modification to the carb’ to allow for the 389ci Pontiac motor we carefully put the carb’ back together.

Always pay particular attention to the float height and float drop, very critical measurements for clean smooth running.

The Rochester designation 2G means 2 barrel with hand choke.

2GC is 2 barrel with automatic choke with vacuum piston and stat cover (stat cover is the bit with the wound flat spring inside).

2GV is 2 barrel with automatic choke and vacuum break.

The carburettor in these pictures is a Rochester 2GC.

The tag number of 7015062 does not apply to this carburettor but probably came off the car’s original carb’ which would have been a large bore 2GC for the 1960, 389 cubic inch, 215 horse power Pontiac Catalina with automatic transmission.

If you feel confident enough to have a go at your own carburettor take plenty of photographs to remind you how everything was originally and where everything goes.

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